Corona measures:

Yes finally we are allowed again!!
From June 5th we can receive up to 4 people again.

New dates are available from June 5 2021 for which you can register.

The workshops are now being given in small groups of up to 3 people. This way we can maintain a 1.5 meter distance between our wok shoppers and the workshop leader (Ilja).

We therefore ask all participants to take this into account, keep distance from each other and do not shake hands.

We also recommend taking a mouth cap with you, which you can use when walking around, visiting the toilet, etc. The mouth cap is not necessary while sitting.

Do you have cold complaints such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or a temperature higher than 38 degrees Celsius? Then we ask you to stay at home and not to register for a workshop.
If you have already registered for a workshop, please let us know immediately.
Due to the safety of the other workshoppers and ourselves, we cannot allow you into our building.

Unique workshop HotPot glass melting

The workshop will be given in the dutch language, unless all participants are english speakers

Have you always wanted to make unique pendants, rings or earrings out of glass? No idea how to do this, or are you looking for inspiration for that pleasant evening with friends? You can follow a glass melting workshop with us, with always surprising results.

You can opt for a workshop at your home, or with us in Houten (near Utrecht). In approximately four hours you will learn the basic techniques of glass fusing with the HotPot. And at the end of this workshop, all participants have made two pieces of jewelry.*

The costs for this workshop are 45 euros per person including materials (and if you come to us, you will of course also receive coffee / tea with something delicious).

Next workshop HotPot in Houten

This fun and accessible workshop is for beginners and advanced students, thanks to the small group composition.
There are several open walk-in days in Houten. Are you alone, or with a friend and do you want to learn how to fuse glass? Then join one of our meetings.
The following dates for 2021 are open for registrations.
The workshops will continue if we have a total of 3 registrations on that date.

Time: 1 p.m. to approximately 4 p.m./16.30 p.m.
Cost: 45 euros p.p.

Sign up via a reservation link below

Saturday 8 May> cancelled due to the extended lockdown
Sunday 23 May > cancelled due to the extended lockdown
Saturday 5 June (Full) > registration no longer possible
Sunday 20 June (one spot left)> Sign me up
Saturday 3 July > Sign me up
Sunday 18 July (2 places left)>  sign me up
Saturday 31 July > sign me up
Sunday 15 August >  sign me up
Saturday, August 28 >  sign me up

Do you want more information or do you just have a question? Mail us
We are happy to think along with you (or make an appointment for telephone consultation)
What else do we offer?

HotPot workshop at your home
A workshop at your home? Without hassle? That too is possible!

Workshop for advanced students
Technique, implementation or design questions? Ask for the possibilities.

Private workshops
Prefer to go through all your questions in person? One on one workshops offer a solution.

What do we do during a HotPot workshop?

During the workshop, glass types, the operation of the HotPot and various basic techniques for processing glass will be discussed. We will briefly show you how glass fusing works, because you want to get started as soon as possible.

We start with the construction of a pendant, ring or earrings.
You learn to cut, break and handle the glass safely.
We also show simple techniques to make circles or to get letters or shapes in the glass step by step.
We fuse (melt) the glass on the spot in the HotPot
A cozy creative afternoon or evening with friends at home? Contact us for a reservation or information:

We bring all materials for the workshop ourselves (including the microwave(s)) and only need electricity and a work or dining table.

HotPot at your home

A customized HotPot workshop at your home? No worries, no hassle, just enjoy a personal, special afternoon for you and your friends.
No travel costs within a radius of 10 km around Houten
Is your location more than 10 km from Houten? Then we ask 33 cents per kilometer driven. We do not (yet) give workshops outside the Netherlands.
Minimum 4 participants, maximum 8 (constructions are possible for larger numbers in consultation).
We bring all necessary materials (including the microwave(s))
Nice offer at the end of the workshop
* Depending on the complexity of the glassware and size of the group, at least one but possibly two glassware will be fused. Fusing and cooling takes time, if the work cannot be fused on site, it will be sent to the participants within a few days.

Workshops for advanced users

We also have workshops for more advanced HotPot users, for which we always first discuss the level and techniques you want to emphasize during the workshop. The costs for this workshop are calculated on this basis.

Private workshops

Sometimes you struggle with a specific question. How do I get the best tack fuse? How can I work with decalls? Or you prefer to take all the time and rest for your favorite hobby. Or are you already professionally designing jewelry?

Do you have a specific question or do you want to take all the time for the HotPot, then we also give private workshops on request. Tailored to your questions and level. Costs for a private HotPot workshop are 100 euros per person, so you will be working on exactly those questions for a long time for at least 4 hours.

For more information or tailoring to your specific requirements, please contact us by email. We would be happy to make an appointment (by telephone) to discuss things with you.

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